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Samsung SyncMaster 223BW Flicker / Bad Capacitor Fix

Capacitors on the power supply board

All electrolytic capacitors are by CapXon. The capacitor specs come from their catalogue. All capacitors have a lead spacing of 5mm.

countvaluevoltagetypesize (d×h)ripple Iimpedancereplacement
5820µF25VCapXon GL10mm×25mm1460mA43mΩEEUFR1E821B
1330µF25VCapXon GL10mm×12.5mm720mA82mΩEEUFR1H331LB
12.2µF50VCapXon GL5mm×11mm33mA2.6ΩEEUFC1H2R2
147µF50VCapXon KM6.3mm×11mm115mAEEUFR1H470
122µF50VCapXon GL6.3mm×11mm135mAEEUFC1J220

Pulseaudio Equalizer

  • You have: Pulseaudio, and an audio output device (sink).
  • You want: Change the frequency response of exactly this audio output device.

Nice URLs for CGIs With Lighttpd

  • You have: lighttpd and some CGI /path/to/
  • You want: Execute the CGI under a nice URL, possibly with path arguments /myfoo/…; maybe serve a static page at the CGI root /myfoo/

Wireless Speakers

  • You have: A stereo, another room without said stereo
  • You want: Speakers in said other room playing the same content that is playing on the stereo